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The Vineyards

 Passion, History & Family. 


This is what began the dream and the journey.




I have a deep love for the state of Michigan and the goodness it provides.  Our plentiful lakes underscored by the big five that surround our state purvey purity and abundance.  As a culture, we routinely travel three hours northward every weekend to escape the city lifestyle.  We all want to be 'up north' and we spend our weeks thinking about what will become of the northern weekend ahead.  As a child, we made the commute and this continued every year for the last 40.  The love for the 45th parallel drove me to the Old Mission Peninsula.  Once I found this amazingly beautiful landscape filled with cherries, apples and grapes, I was forever sold. Words cannot possible express the rolling beauty of the farms and the sparkling blue of the lakes.  Old Mission Peninsula is something truly special to behold.


Dating back to the beginning, wine was discovered by accidents and poured at every grand event throughout history.  Every winery, label, winemaker, grape and terroir tells a different story and it showcases itself in the wine. 


The way wine shows it self through its storied past is how I fell in love.  I graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Hospitality Business.  Shortly after entering the service industry, I began researching wine to give as a gift.  I didn't know much about wine except for what I liked and I heard that there was 'some really good wine out there'.  In my quest to find the perfect, special gift wine, I found that there was so much that went into finding said wine.  I started reading about all the intricacies about the different regions, rules, grapes, etc. There was so much to know.  I was hooked.  I needed to figure out all of the regions, labels, quality factors, grapes and the like. I began studying day and night in an attempt to learn 1% of the information relating to wine. So many stories of struggle, dedication and perseverance led me to where I ultimately wanted to be:



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