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ACHRIMÈRE WINES is the realization of Aimee Mali’s lifelong passion for wine.  After fifteen years of working as a wine buyer and brand manager throughout the state of Michigan, Aimee turned her love for wine into a working vineyard.  After eleven years of planning and preparation, ACHRIMÈRE WINES was born on Old Mission Peninsula, Michigan, when Aimee planted her first Chardonnay and Pinot Gris grapes in 2015. Since 2017, Aimee has been harvesting her grapes and selling them to neighboring wineries on Old Mission Peninsula. In 2018, Aimee used 1.3 tons of fruit to create her own ACHRIMÈRE WINES.  

Founder & Winemaker

Aimee Mali

The Wines

The Vineyard

Old Mission Peninsula AVA

Traverse City, Michigan

Location and Vineyard

Surrounded by

Lake Michigan

Located just south of the 45th parallel on the sandy loam soils of Old Mission Peninsula.  Because of its special disposition in Northern Michigan, surrounded on all sides by Lake Michigan, Old Mission Peninsula AVA benefits from an extended growing season...the synergy between land and water provides a unique micro climate of warmer, moderating temperatures, which protects wine grapes from frost and cold situations that can freeze our buds off.

The Vineyard

Aimee Mali

The name ACHRIMÈRE, comes from a combination of Aimee's family.  Her name, her husband, and their two awesome sons.

CSW (Certified Specialist of Wine) Certified Sommelier


The Wine Line Up

EM12 Pinot Gris - unoaked / dry / peach / nectarine

CM10 Chardonnay - unoaked / dry / green & red apples

RM03 Symposium Rose -unoaked / dry / crisp /

peach / citrus

1971 Blanc de Blancs Sparkling - Traditional method /

dry / apple biscuits / bubbles

4 wines from the 45th Parellel

We’re  creating the best wines for you to enjoy.

From farm to glass

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